Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura (and Elvis)!

Today is Laura's birthday! [insert singing here]

Please visit her blog,, and wish her a happy birthday.

She's a great crafter, card maker and most of all a fabulous friend. She loves my dog, is really funny and shares my obsession for figuring out the subtle references within Oceans 13. She'll teach me stuff even if I don't make her dinner - but I have to eat so what the heck.

So - to Laura I wish much happiness and loads of new creative things in her future.

Of course, I can't forget it's also the King's birthday. If you want to see the Elvis birthday festivities go to for the live Graceland cam (you gotta love that!)

- Chrisi

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Laura said...

Why, thank you. Thank you very much! You are an awesome friend too.

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