Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Colors & Random Thoughts

Completely non-linear postings today ....
I love this color green! I'm practicing using colors I don't usually use - so that explains the blue. I'm liking it.
I've been called for United States District Court jury duty late October through November. I really don't mind - I believe in the system and this is part of it.
My pupster, Jake, is doing well 5 weeks after his knee surgery. The doctor says he's too active and I as the good mom MUST be better about it - ok I'm practicing to be better this week!
The sad part about the good weather is that it makes me realize baseball season is coming to an end. I'm sure I'll was poetic about that more in October.
More soon - Chrisi


Heidi said...

OK - I'm jealous of the jury duty. I've never had it and think it would be so interesting! Love the cards, the retro set is so cute. Heidi

Laura said...

Unlike Heidi, I am not jealous. :)

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