Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dad's Birthday - Let's all Celebrate!

May 26th is dad's birthday. He loved his birthday - but not for the usual reasons (presents and attention) - rather, he liked sharing his birthday with everyone else. To him it marked the beginning of Summer as it usually fell near Memorial Day. That meant crabs and beer, BBQ at the Knights of Columbus and people visiting and hanging around. It was always about the people with Dad.

I miss him everyday - but can't help remembering that he taught me to laugh at life's moments and look for the opportunity in all things (just don't get caught). Most of all - don't look back, always smile and let people know (out loud) you love them.

This is a typical picture of Dad. He loved to be a goofball in front of a camera. For this one, he told me he was holding up the building.

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