Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ribbons Ribbons Everywhere!

Hello there, I recently saw a post on Craft Critique about a "better way to store your ribbons". I figured, what the heck - I'll give it a try.
I ordered the Ribbon Rings Tags system. First, let me compliment Melissa on the fantastic customer service. My product arrived in just two days. There was a small mistake in my order and she fixed it immediately and sent me a nice handmade card!

I have tons of ribbons. Can't resist a ribbon bargain. I've tried many systems. Rolls on a stick, in a plastic container and my latest, in one of those little cases with the holes to pull the ribbon through. Here is what they looked like just 2 hours ago:

The next picture are those very same ribbons using the Ribbon Ring system - it did take me the length of a movie on HBO to fill this many tags on this ring:

My theory is to get them all on the tags then I'll sort them by color and hang together colors on different rings. But for now they gather nicely on one mega ring.

So far this solutions is working for me and my ribbons.

Thanks and enjoy, - Chrisi

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